The Talk Of New York


DJ Locorious – Bio

It takes a great deal of hard work, nonstop promotion and never-ending dedication to be recognized in New York City, the location of thousands of artists, DJs and entrepreneurs hustling to break into the music industry. The majority give up, the minority only get a taste, and the chosen few who stick around, shine.

Mention the name ‘Locorious’ at any club, any venue, any event and you’ll get a nod, a response, something to tell you, “Yes, I’ve heard of him.” That is usually the case with this DJ/Producer/Artist/ known for starting the entire ‘a.k.a’ movement as he is DJ Locorious a.k.a the ‘Talk of New York’ a.k.a the ‘Dominican Kid’ a.k.a ‘Mr. Tuesday Nights’ a.k.a ‘The Mayor.’ A self-made businessman and entrepeneur, he has created a name for himself like no other in the game. With his strong tactics, versatile mixing and crisp work, Locorious has solely landed gigs throughout the tri-state area ranging from New York City to Canada, Atlanta, North Carolina, Boston, New Jersey, Upstate NY, Washington DC, Maryland, Virginia, etc.

The Chicago-born, Brooklyn-raised disc jockey has created his own company, [Take Down Entertainment], catering to promoter djs, artists & film-makrers. He has launched a self-promoting campaign aimed at pushing his mixtape series, ‘Locorious for Mayor,’ that he’s exposed to the extent that every club-goer, artist, fellow DJ and promoter know him as the ‘Mayor.’

Why the ‘Talk of New York’? With his undeniable talent, online radio show and launch, Locorious TV via YouTube, the DJ has gained fans all over the world as a result of his nonstop hustle and success coming hand-in-hand with it. Why the ‘Dominican Kid’? No matter the type of music he’s spinning or the type of crowd he’s working with, the proud-to-be-latino never ceases to forget his roots. His face and name have become familiar all over within such a short period of time. His dedication and humility have taken him halfway up the ladder; his hunger and motivation will take this ‘Dominican Kid’ all the way.